Lashed Chain and Leather Bracelet

Here's a new spin on the very popular wrap bracelet - a Lashed Chain and Leather Bracelet by Rings & Things. While the other bracelets wrap around beads, this version uses a ready made chain. And, with so many different chains easily available - the sky's the limit for your designs. There are only two limitations for your chain selection - it must lay flat and it must accommodate the thread you are using to wrap it. Whether you already know how to create a wrap bracelet or are an absolute beginner, this tutorial by Rings & Things has plenty of clear, close-up photographs and excellent instructions to help you. Click HERE to go to the tutorial, (Photo and project by Rings & Things).

Making Basic Loops - Part 2

One of the biggest problems I have with making loops is estimating how much wire I need for the second loop - the one after I add on a bead. Sometimes - most of the times - it's much longer than I need it to be. So, how to fix that? Check out Lisa's second part to her Making Basic Loops video to find out how to fix that along with a few more tips on improving your basic loops. Click HERE to go to the video. (VIdeo still from Lisa Nevins Kelly for beaducation youtube video).

Making Basic Loops

There are a set of basic skills that every one should know - like making loops. And, every once in awhile, everyone should brush up on some of those basic skills. Lisa Nevins Kelly of is here to help you create better, stronger, even sized loops next to your beads with this 8 minute video tutorial. She discusses all the tools and materials you need and why it's important to make a flush cut at the end of each wire. I actually viewed the video and practiced my loops using her tips and I'm glad to say they were were widely improved - so check it out. Click HERE to see the video. (Video still from the video by Lisa Nevins Kelly with

10 Tips for Beginning Jewelrymakers

Don't let the title fool you. Yes, it says "... for Beginning Jewelrymakers" but, it really applies to everyone - beginner and advanced alike. This post discusses right-on points such as focusing your interest in one area, buying high quality tools (and taking proper care of them), organization and lots more. My personal favorite? Take risks. Read these tips and see if they don't help you create more, want to work more and think more. Click HERE to get all the tips and trust me, this is one site you'll revisit over and over again. (Photo and article by Amy Latta at

Easy Fall Inspired Beaded Bracelet

Let's face it - once Halloween is over, the rest of the holidays fly by. So, I thought I would pass on this super easy Fall Inspired Beaded Bracelet for you all to try out. Yes, it is super easy and super fast to create, so you can make one in plenty of time to wear it for Thanksgiving! This one uses size 6 beads, but I would definitely try using 8s too. And, don't you just love that easy button closure too? Full of wonderful Fall colors along with some cute little leaf charms or sliders, you will wear this one over and over again. And, don't be surprised if you get lots of requests for them either. Head on over to Crafts Unleased by Consumer Crafts by clicking HERE to find out how to make o

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