Wire Heart Ornament/Pendant

Today's video by Beads Direct features special guest artist LInda Jones showing how to create this double duty Valentine's Day project - a Wire Heart Ornament that you can wear as a pendant! I can't wait to make this one because not only do I love, love, love working with wire, I also have a stash of orphaned glass beads I can use. Click HERE to let Linda show you how to make some for yourself. (Project by Beads Direct Special Artist, Linda Jones. Photo - still from Youtube video)

Happy Hearts Bracelet

This project makes me happy, happy, happy! It's the Happy Hearts Bracelet by Honeybeads1. Super easy and super quick to create and you get all the help you need thanks to her video. No pearls? No problem - simply use crystals (which I think would fabulous) or other same size beads. Head on over HERE to find out how to make one.

Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant

If plenty of bling is your thing, then you are going to want to check out this Crystal Heart Pendant by M Tschupp on Youtube. Click HERE to find out how to make your own. (Project by MTschupp. Photo - still from her Youtube video).

Lovely Pearl Heart Pendant

The winter holidays are finally over and before you know it, it will be time for chocolates, surprises, love and hearts - Valentine's Day, of course. To get you ready for any special Valentine's Day plans, I'll be posting a related project about twice a week, so be sure to come back and check it out. This is project 1 - a sweet and lovely Pearl Heart Pendant by ArtsnCraft4U at youtube. So grab your needle, thread, pearls and some seed beads, settle down with a cup of tea and wtach this quick ten minute video that will help you create this sweet pendant that you could wear every day of the year! Click HERE to find out how to make it. (Project by ArtsnCraft4U . Photo - still from her Youtube v

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