"Sandbox" Bracelet

With Summer just around the corner, I thought this awesome sea-inspired bracelet created by Tamara Scott Designs would be the perfect project to inspire you to start thinking about some "hot" new designs to create and wear this year. The bracelet is created using a simple peyote stitch, but aren't the color combinations simply lovely? And, there are more on her website! I also adore how she was able to turn what could be just another peyote bracelet into something spectacular with the patinaed charms she's added. Just another project to add to my list of "to bead projects." Click HERE to download the pattern. Photo and project by Tamara Scott Designs.

Washer Necklace

With Mother's Day coming up soon, isn't this the perfect project to create for that special mom in your life? Although the blogger uses aluminum washers, I really like the idea of copper washers - which are easily available at any hardware store; then, personalize the washer with charms, birthstones, beads - anything you like. Every mom would love one of these necklaces - whether she has two legged kids or the four legged furry variety. Click HERE to find out how to make them. (Photo and Project found at The Idea Room blogspot)

Beaded Windchimes

Got beads? Leftover beads? Who doesn't - right? If you're like me, I have all types of leftover beads from glass to gemstones in all shapes and sizes. Beads I've bought because I had a project in mind (and never made), beads left over from other projects and beads I bought because well they were beads. This is why I absolutely love this Beaded Windchimes Project by Garden Therapy! I love this project not only because it does use up my leftover beads, but because it is so colorful and random! Click HERE to learn how to make one for your garden. Photo and Project by Garden Therapy.

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